Maintenance and Care

Maintenance and care of your Lautrop & Uhre jewellery

The Lautrop & Uhre jewellery items are made of respectively 18 and 22 carat gold, 925 sterling silver, which is plated with 18 carat gold. A few items are of brass, plated with 18 carat gold.

Your jewellery needs maintenance and to extend the durability of the gold plating, it is recommended that you take care of your jewellery.

For every day use, it is therefore recommended that you follow the following advice:

  • Always take off your jewellery before going to bed.
  • Avoid washing hands with the rings on and always take off the jewellery before you shower, clean, play sports, etc.
  • When you are not wearing your jewellery, we recommend that you store the jewellery in a closed fabric bag, plastic bag or similar in order to avoid unneccessary oxidation of the jewellery.
  • Make sure that natural beads and stones as well as pearls do not come into contact with dishwashing detergent or other cleaning agents, as they may lose their luster.

To spare your jewellery, it needs to be added as a final step in your daily beauty routine.

Perfume, make-up, hair spray, lotion and oils can all damage the coating on the jewellery. Oxidation of the silver: Jewellery tarnishes over time, which can be seen as dark-colored stains. This is a natural process and is therefore not a complaint.

If you have any questions about maintenance and care, please contact us at

We hope that you will enjoy your Lautrop & Uhre jewellery