Lautrop & Uhre accepts payment with Visa / Dankort, Visa Electron, Visa Mastercard, Mastercard Debit, Mobilepay and Applepay .

All card payments are processed via Pensopay for secure and confidential payment.

Lautrop & Uhre uses a secure payment server that encrypts all information with SSL protocol, which means that your data is secure and can not be read by outsiders.

The amount will only be deducted from your card once your order has been processed and shipped from us, unless otherwise agreed or stated in your order.

Use of our website and any purchase made by you is accepted under the conditions laid down in Danish law.

When paying with Visa Electron and Mastercard Debit, which are debit cards, the payment will be reserved in your account in accordance with the terms of your card until we withdraw or reject the payment.


All prices on are current retail prices incl. 25% Danish VAT and is stated in Danish kroner (DKK).


Once you have placed an order, you will receive an email shortly after confirming that we have received your order. If you do not receive the email within minutes, we recommend that you check your spam filter.

When we send your package, you will receive an email confirming shipment.

When converting DKK (Danish Crowns) into € it might be useful to know that one € is approximately 7,50 DKK. The exact amount can vary from day to day, but can be used as a general rule.